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Full (Twin) Packages Cartoon & All Over the World (2,000 pcs) - A5 Size 310 gram

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Full (Twin) Packages Cartoon & All Over the World (2,000 pcs) - A5 Size 310 gram Full (Twin) Packages Cartoon & All Over the World (2,000 pcs) - A5 Size 310 gram
Price : $540

2,000 flashcards (A5) size hard copy printed in 310gm Art Card with Full Colour laser print on both sides inclusive day delivery

Free rounded corners

Free instruction manual

Basic package - 250 flashcards
Rainbow Colours, Emotions, Birthday, Hobbies, Nature, Occupation, Opposites, People of the World, Festivals, Weather, Body Parts, Colour, Days of the Week, Alphabet, Family, Good Habits, Buildings in Singapore, Classroom, Musical Instruments, Numbers

General knowledge package - 250 flashcards
Sentosa, Horoscope, Hospital, Circus, Music Notes, Places of Interest in Spore, House, Sports, Things we wear, MRT Stations in Spore, Fictional Characters, Playground, NTUC supermarket, Materials, Texture, Life Cycle of a Butterfly, Life Cycle of a Chicken, Life Cycle of a Cockroach, Life Cycle of a Frog, Life Cycle of a Mosquito, Tastes and National Flags

Science package - 250 flashcards
Farm Animals, Ferns, Flowers, Insects, Fruits, Plant Parts, Vegetables, Wild Animals, Fishes, Solar System, Aquatic Plants, Birds, Poisonous Plants, Tools, Weapons, Computer Parts, Uses of Water , Transport , Pests, Directions

Maths package - 250 flashcards
Even Numbers, Shapes, Mathematical Symbol, Time, Odd Numbers, Multiplication tables : 1 to 12.

Asia package - 200 flashcards
Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Israel and Singapore

Europe package - 200 flashcards
United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, Finland, Hungary and Belgium

North & South America package - 200 flashcards
United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Panama, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Belize

Africa & Oceania package - 200 flashcards
Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Madagascar, Morocco, Fiji, Mauritius, Somalia, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands , Liberia & Sudan

World Flags package - 200 flashcards
All the countries world flags

Free 2 Eco friendly recycle bags for easy storage

Locations/Places, People/Festivals, Things/ Objects / Food

Please write in to us sgflashcards@live.com to request for cash on delivery.

Usual Price - $800